Lifemaster Openers

Belt Drive

Belt DriveA LiftMaster belt drive system is the perfect option if your home has a garage located beneath or next to another room. It operates very quietly and smoothly with minimal disturbance to a nearby living space. As the name implies, belt drive systems have the sturdiness of a steel-belted tire, so you can count on them for a reliable, long-lasting performance. LiftMaster belt drives come in a number of models for residential use.
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Chain Drive

Chain DriveChain drive garage door openers from LiftMaster are designed for durability, strength and superior performance. They can lift the heaviest carriage house garage door and are even suitable for commercial use. LiftMaster offers an array of chain drive openers, from heavy-duty Elite and Premium Series to contractor models with varying levels of lifting capabilities. Chain drive systems come with a variety of features to meet your needs.
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Direct Drive

Direct DriveLiftMaster’s Jackshaft garage door opener offers the ideal solution for a garage with a limited amount of ceiling space available. It’s a direct drive system that discretely mounts on the wall to conserve space. The opener is equipped with an extremely quiet motor that has an impressive lifetime warranty. It also features a power lock for added security and an optional battery backup system that opens the door even during a power outage.
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AccessoriesLiftMaster openers can be purchased with a variety of accessories to enhance your comfort, convenience and safety. They’re the perfect complement to your garage door and home. Accessories include remote controls, keyless entry systems with control panels, alert systems and safety products. LiftMaster also offers replacement items that can work effectively and safely with products from a variety of manufacturers.
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