Garage Door Replacement NJ

We did a garage door replacement in Montville, NJ today. This is a nice clean install. Our customer had a contractor re-frame the openings to accommodate a standard 7-foot tall garage door for the garage door replacement in NJ. The original openings were 6 foot 6 inches. When I got there, they had already taken out the openers. They had a chain and a belt drive opener originally. One door was partially stacked. Scott was getting ready to stack the second door. 

We found out that the builders had pulled the doors out in one piece, which is not ideal because they’re all lagged together as one piece making them challenging to dismantle on the ground. We don’t have a lot of headroom, but we have enough and that’s all that matters. We have enough room above the door to fit the torsion springs and the side-mounted openers. The side-mounted jackshaft opener is a great option to keep your ceiling clean and tidy compared to the traditional drawbar openers.

We also put wireless wall buttons next to the walk-in door to continue with the clean look eliminating the wires that would need to be run for the machine. The wired in-wall buttons were placed under the opener on the side by the door as an additional use point.

The doors we installed were Amarr Lincoln 3000 a 2-inch door in a traditional raised long panel with Amarr’s Cascade Glass. The overall installation was smooth and didn’t give us much trouble. Once the builders finish the stonework around the outside of the doors this home will have a whole new look.

Garage Door Replacement in Montville, NJ

Upgrading your home doesn’t always mean making large alterations — small touches often can have great impacts. Last week, we had the honor to perform a Garage Door Replacement Work in Montville, New Jersey — a cute township within Morris County. This project demonstrated the potential value that can be achieved from improving a typical garage door to becoming an uncommon space. We’ll get into some detail about what went wrong and how everything played out, but in this blog post, we’re taking you along for a wild ride as we replace this garage door.

The First Step: Re-Framing 

The goal was to revamp the Montville, NJ home’s curb appeal as seen by our customer. They were looking to upgrade their garage doors from outdated to something sleek and contemporary. However, there was a slight challenge: The original ones were just 6’6” high and there was no way they could fit a typical 7-tall garage door into them. They got smart and hired a contractor to redesign both openings to make the transition possible.

During a garage door replacement project, re-framing plays an important role because re-framing assists in making the new doors fit precisely and move flawlessly. Here experience from the contractor was helpful and thus enabled the flawless replacement of their garage doors.

Example of Garage Door Replacement

Upon arriving in Montville for our project, we found the space prepared to be transformed… The chains and belts of old drivers have been taken away with me already, and you could only see part of one of the old doors there. And our skilled tech, Scott, was ready to stack the next door and get to work replacing it.

But here came the interesting turn — Builders had removed all the old garage doors as one big chunk! If you’ve found it easy to remove, at the time of dismantling or garbage accumulation then this might have been useful. But the doors have been bolted together into a single lump of steel, rendering the whole thing considerably harder to open than is normal.

This challenge, however, did not discourage us at all — with the right amount of buffer on the project, we were fully equipped to take it on. Torsion springs as well as side-hinged openers must have enough room above the overhead storage door. We also went with an innovative option for ceiling cleanliness free from clutter—as the saying goes.

Side-Mounted Jackshaft Openers

Typically garage door openers are designed to operate on a draw-bar system that requires overhead clearance. But in the Montville project, we went with something much more modern and used side-mounted jackshaft openers. Homeowners in search of an aesthetically pleasing, headroom-maximizing option for their space will want to check these openers out.

Along with the side-mounted openers we have included wireless wall switches just beside the walk-in door. This design option not only improves the look of your garage door but also avoids running ugly cables for managing the opener. We designed our remote for this reason and put keyed wired-in wall buttons next to the door where you can turn your garage off when needed).

This is the “OG” design and was used on the USS Amarica/USS Lincoln DNCC 1994. Also used on the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74). The most commonly found model used on the USS George W. Bush

Amar Lincoln 3000

Now let’s discuss that big hunk-o-junk star we call the Garage Doors! These doors were installed in this Montville, NJ project using Amarr Lincoln 3000s. They have a classic raised long panel profile and the door is very stable and has an ageless look.

For an added touch of refinery, and to let more natural light infiltrate into the basement — our client chose Amarr’s Cascade Glass inserts. These insets fit perfectly with the garage door design giving them a great finish look.

The Amarr Lincoln 3000 door installation was extremely easy due to the re-framing work the contractor did. The original door dimensions have been accommodated within the redesigned opening sizes, while side-mounted jackshaft openers have been neatly incorporated into the overall appearance.

With the last bits being done to the garage door replacement job, this house in Montville appears as though it’s getting a whole overhaul. The house once the builders have completed the stone work around the periphery of the doors shall get a brand new façade.


In summary, this garage door installation project shows the importance of thorough planning and skilled execution in home renovations. Our customer got much more than just a simple garage door replaced; they got increased curb appeal, a higher valuation for their home, modern openers/hardware, and nice, modern garage doors!

When contemplating a garage door repair or even getting new construction of a house, always keep in mind that small decisions could have significant impacts. Reach out to us now to chat about your vision and how we can help bring your home above and beyond. You may just need to add on the features to get your dream house!