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Garage door installation is a professional service that provides homeowners and businesses with a hassle-free solution for getting a new garage door system in place. Skilled technicians handle everything from measuring and selecting the right door to installing it securely and setting up the opener system. This service ensures that your garage door not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also functions reliably, promoting safety and convenience. Whether it’s a replacement or a new installation, professional garage door installation services are vital for a seamless and trouble-free experience.


Precision Installation:

Technicians ensure precise measurements and alignment during installation, guaranteeing a well-fitted door that operates smoothly.


Efficient Opener Setup

Configuring the garage door opener system for optimal performance, including remote control programming and safety sensor calibration.


Expert Consultation

Professional installers provide expert guidance on choosing the right garage door style, material, and features to match your needs and preferences.


Post-Installation Testing

Thorough testing of the entire system to verify that the garage door operates safely, quietly, and reliably, with any necessary adjustments made for optimal functionality.

Garage door maintenance services are a proactive approach to preserving the longevity and reliability of your garage door system. These services encompass a range of crucial tasks, including lubricating moving parts, tightening hardware, inspecting and replacing worn components, and performing safety tests. Regular maintenance helps prevent unexpected breakdowns, enhances the safety of your garage, and ensures that the door operates smoothly and quietly. It’s a cost-effective way to extend the life of your garage door, minimize repair expenses, and maintain the security and convenience of your home or business.

Component Inspection

Thorough examination of all key components, including springs, cables, rollers, and tracks, to identify wear, damage, or potential issues.

Safety Checks

Comprehensive safety checks, including testing safety sensors, auto-reverse mechanisms, and emergency release systems, to prevent accidents and injuries.

Lubrication and Tightening

Proper lubrication of moving parts and tightening of loose hardware to reduce friction, noise, and ensure smooth operation.

Preventive Measures

Implementation of preventive measures and minor adjustments to address potential problems before they escalate, extending the life of your garage door and minimizing the need for costly repairs.

Garage door repairs offer a reliable solution for addressing issues with malfunctioning or damaged garage doors. Whether it’s a broken spring, a misaligned track, a malfunctioning opener, or any other problem, professional repair services can diagnose the issue and implement necessary fixes efficiently. These services prioritize safety and functionality, ensuring your garage door operates smoothly and securely once again. With prompt and expert repairs, you can avoid costly replacements and enjoy the convenience and security of a fully operational garage door.


Diagnosis and Assessment

Skilled technicians thoroughly inspect your garage door to identify the root causes of malfunctions, including broken springs, damaged tracks, or faulty openers.

Safety Focus

Technicians prioritize safety, addressing potential hazards such as unbalanced doors or misaligned sensors to prevent accidents.

Prompt Repairs

Quick and efficient repairs are conducted to address the identified problems, ensuring your garage door operates smoothly and safely once again.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Garage door repair services offer cost-effective alternatives to full replacements, saving you money while extending the lifespan of your existing door system.

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Door to Door installed our garage door many years ago, and when we had a little "run in" (no pun) earlier this week they were phenomenal: -Monday morning: Accident happened; I called when they opened. -Monday afternoon: Alan and Scott were at our house to assess the issue. Said we need a new panel (whew - we were worried we might need a whole new door) and that they'd relay the results back to the office so they could advise us on pricing and timing. -Monday afternoon, barely 30 minutes later: Someone called from the office with the price and said they could do the job the next day since the panel was in stock. -Tuesday mid-morning: Guys were at our replacing the panel. Found that the panel had some dings when they took it out of the box; said they'd install it for the time being but replace with a new one. Said we wouldn't pay until the new panel was in. -Tuesday early afternoon: Came back with the replacement panel and finished the job. -Tuesday afternoon: Husband called and spoke with Scott at the office (I think there are two Scotts) to pay with credit card. End of transaction. Barely 24 hours after it happened, it was like nothing happened. We appreciate the promptness, the professional yet friendly conduct of all involved, and the fact that the guys who came were masked by default. They're the real deal; A+ and highly recommended!

GK Smith-McCarthy Avatar GK Smith-McCarthy
April 1, 2022

I highly recommend Door to Door . They arrived within a couple hours of my call. Replaced the old parts and even fixed the last installers mistakes. Doors now work great. Reasonably and a pleasure to deal with.

Michael Citron Avatar Michael Citron
November 2, 2022

Absolute satisfaction with this company…a pleasure to deal with…don’t waste your time looking for a company to deal with your garage door issue or price……CALL DOOR TO DOOR …

brenda quilici Avatar brenda quilici
August 22, 2023

I called them on a Friday, they were here on Tuesday & done in less than 30-minutes! The two gentlemen were very professional, explained everything that needed to be done before getting to work & were very friendly. I'm elated with their service!

Alicia Zen Avatar Alicia Zen
April 5, 2022

Maybe the best contractor I've ever had to deal with. After a manufacturing problem with original installed door Steve not only was proactive in getting the entire door replaced by the manufacturer but gave me back my money saying he did not want to be paid until I was completely satisfied.Who does that? Highly recommended

Thomas Starr Avatar Thomas Starr
December 5, 2016

After getting the run around from another company I called Door to Door....I called Friday afternoon and told them I needed a new door opener....they were here on time bright and early Monday morning...installed a new opener and even programmed my existing opener to work with the new one....polite, professional and knowledgeable....We will be looking to replace our garage doors very soon and I will most definitely be calling them for this project. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

Michell Mauriello Avatar Michell Mauriello
July 23, 2018