Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair, Morristown, NJ

garage door torsion springs

Torsion spring repair for garage doors is a critical service that ensures the smooth and safe operation of your garage door. These springs act as essential counterbalances, making it effortless to open and close your garage door. When they break or wear out, our expert technicians promptly diagnose the issue, replace the faulty springs, and restore your garage door’s functionality.

Identifying the Issue of Broken Garage Doors 

In Morristown, New Jersey, we recently encountered a broken garage door torsion spring on an Amarr Oak Summit 3000 garage door, which has since been discontinued and replaced with the Hillcrest 3138 model. Upon inspection, it was evident that there was a clear break in the coils of the garage door torsion spring.

The homeowner promptly recognized the issue and reached out to us for assistance. It’s a common scenario for many homeowners to discover a broken spring when they attempt to operate their garage door, only to find it lifting a few inches before coming to a halt. This interruption is usually due to the garage door opener detecting a problem, primarily the excessive weight caused by the broken spring.

The Importance of Torsion Springs

Garage door openers are not designed to lift doors with broken springs because these springs play a critical role in balancing the door’s weight. Without a functioning torsion spring, the door essentially becomes dead weight. In such cases, the only viable solution is to replace the broken spring with a new one. Typically, torsion springs have a lifespan of 8 to 12 years under normal usage conditions. However, in situations where the garage door serves as the primary entry and exit point, springs may wear out a bit sooner, which is well within the expected usage range.

The torsion spring acts as a counterbalance mechanism, facilitating the lifting of the garage door. It is situated on a bar that stretches across the header above the front of the garage.

 Cables vs. Torsion Springs

In this case, we noticed the cables hanging off the sides of the garage door. This might lead some homeowners to believe that the issue lies with the cables, but in reality, it is often a broken torsion spring that causes this problem. When a door has a single torsion spring and it breaks, there is nothing left to secure the cables on the drums, leading to the cables hanging loose after a spring failure. Fortunately, after careful inspection, we determined that the cables were still in good condition and did not require replacement; the homeowner simply needed a new torsion spring.

Efficient Repairs of Garage Doors 

Our service vehicles are equipped with a range of common torsion spring sizes, allowing us to perform most repairs in a single visit. Sometimes a garage door has an unusual spring size that requires us to order a new one. But rest assured — our fast, dependable service means that most times we can be back in as few as a day or two, barring access to the necessary spring. Luckily enough here, with one of our stock springs, we got the spring fixed and our customer was very happy that her garage door is operational again!


Consequently, this is just an example of how we deliver quality garage door torsion spring repair services to satisfied clients —in other words, a pledge to provide top-notch and smooth-running garage doors to our clients in Morristown, New Jersey. I replaced a clear torsion spring with a broken coil of an Amarr Oak Summit 3000 garage door with a quick response to the customer’s service request. This demonstrates the importance of a torsion spring, which acts as a counterbalance to allow your garage door to function properly. On top of this, our fast response time, equipped vehicles, and commitment to repairing the issue gave the homeowner peace of mind; which when combined makes an impactful statement about our experience with garage door torsion spring repair.

If your garage doors aren’t operating right and you live in New Jersey, we are here for you through Door To Door  Design. Contact us or text us anytime — we’re here to help!