High Lift Garage Door Project in Tenafly, NJ

In Tenafly, New Jersey, where space is often a premium, a high lift garage door project can be a game-changer. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits and intricacies of a high-lift garage door project in Tenafly, NJ, helping you transform your garage into a versatile space that adds value to your home.

The High Lift Garage Door Advantage

One of the main advantages of high-lift garage doors is how they can maximize vertical space. High-lift garage door systems differ from typical garage doors in that instead of following the standard ceiling pitch, a modified track is installed that extends further into the building’s interior so it ascends vertically and then turns at a corner. Creating more vertical space means more room for storage or even extending your living area; a truly innovative design. And in tight-knit communities like Tenafly, New Jersey, where every square inch is valuable, high-lift garage doors add the crucial extra headroom to accommodate such larger installations as a kayak bike lift or even a car lift.

 The High Lift Garage Door Project Process

  • Consultation and Assessment: 

In Tenafly, NJ, consultation and assessment will initiate each high lift garage door project. A garage door professional will come to your home to analyze your garage’s blueprint and your requirements. The project’s objectives will be discussed, whether it involves developing an additional storage area or revamping the garage into a practical living space.

  • Customized Design: 

To design a high lift garage door system just for you, the technician will team up with you after the assessment. Choosing from a selection of door styles, materials, and insulation options is included. You’ll get to choose your preference for a door opener system too, from a standard chain drive to a quiet belt drive or even a smart opener that offers remote access.

  • Professional Installation: 

Installing a high-lift garage door is an intricate job that requires expertise. Technicians with years of experience will guarantee that the track system is firmly in place, the door is properly balanced, and the opener runs at peak capacity. 

To complete the project, you can choose various finishing touches to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your high-lift garage door. This might include adding windows for natural light, selecting decorative hardware, or integrating a smart home system for convenient control from your smartphone.

Example of High Lift Garage Door Project 

Some of our customers were auto shops. One client asked for a high lift garage door for additional car lifts and reliable modern sectional doors with operators. Our big project of the day was taking out a rolling steel door. We were there to remove that door and re-frame the opening for an Amarr Sectional Commercial Door. The door size was 12 x 12 and also on the property we converted a standard lift door to follow the pitch and swapped out a 10 x 10 wood door that was rotting out. We installed a modern steel high lift garage door. All four wickets on the building, including an existing 12 x 10 sectional steel door, received Liftmaster side-mounted commercial medium-duty jack-shaft operators. The only real issue we had was some of the doors wanting to throw cables with the jack-shafts so we added pusher springs. After that, everything worked perfectly and the high lift garage door job was a success.

Benefits of a High Lift Garage Door in Tenafly, NJ

The benefits of high-lift garage doors for homeowners are diverse: extra space overhead for storage and taller vehicles (RVs and trucks), better looks with customizable design, versatility when it comes to vehicle accommodations, more security features in place, insulation options for temperature regulation in the garage, durability with minimal maintenance, quiet operation, a design that matches your house and budget; higher property value via curb appeal improvements; long-term savings through reduced repairs and energy efficiency.

 Realizing Your High Lift Garage Door Project in Tenafly, NJ

For a successful high-lift garage door project in Tenafly, NJ, it’s important to work with professionals who are licensed, insured, experienced, and have proven qualities to do quality installations. Also, you will need to get permits from your local building code department, but the technicians should be familiar with that process. Try creating a budget that factors in things like the size of your doors, what materials you’re using, and any additional features — then discuss it with Pros so you can maintain financial control. Finally, explain your project’s timeline expectations to the professionals you select, and they’ll give you an honest schedule while keeping you updated along the way.

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