Garage Door Install in Montclair, NJ

garage door install

We had a recent project in Montclair,NJ where homeowners were opting for Clopay Canyon Ridge garage doors. These wood-look doors not only offer the charm of real wood, but also a fuss-free maintenance experience. Join us on an installation project, where we replaced a 16 x 7 Clopay Canyon Ridge double wooden door.

The Need for Replacement of an Old Garage Door

Our installation journey began with the need for a replacement. The wooden garage door had seen better days and moisture had seeped into the wood, causing rot. It was evident that it was time for a change. The homeowners made the wise choice of opting for a low-maintenance alternative that retained the aesthetic appeal of wood.

Challenges of Garage Door Installation 

One of the challenges we encountered was the slightly undersized opening. However, our experienced team made it work seamlessly by utilizing standard track components. This adaptibility is one of the advantages of a professional installation service, as we can adapt to a range of situations.

Also, the Clopay Canyon Ridge double door is a heavyweight, coming in at approximately 460 pounds. To ensure smooth operation and long-lasting durability, we installed a Liftmaster 8587 carriage house unit with I-beam rail. This combination provided the door to roll effortlessly and balance to a perfect weight, despite the door’s weight.

Furthermore, supply chain issues have affected industries, and garage doors are no exception. In this case, the homeowners had to wait for their Clopay Canyon Ridge, ordered in the summer. Despite the delay, the result was worth the wait. Let’s look at what makes these doors so appealing.

Why are Faux Wood Garage Doors so Popular 

A popular garage doors like the Clopay Canyon Ridge, a wood garage doors, have gained a popularity in the recent years. Here are a few reasons why they are a practical choice for homeowners seeking both looks and practicality.

They are Aesthetic

These doors closely resemble real wood but are a real wood upkeep. Genuine wood doors of a similar design and quality require stripping and restaining every 3-5 years to maintain their beauty. With faux wood, you get the look without the labor.

Durable Vinyl Composite Material

Clopay Canyon Ridge doors are vinyl composite. This material is not only resilient, but also requires minimal maintenance. A clear coat of varnish a couple of times a year is all it takes to protect them from sun damage, making them a choice for homeowners in Montclair, New Jersey, and similar climates.

Minimal Sun Exposure Worries

This garage door will receive limited sun exposure daily. Therefore, the homeowner can rest easy, knowing that they won’t need to worry about the extensive sun damage repair or maintenance. This peace of mind is one of the key benefits of choosing a low-maintenance option, like the Clopay Canyon Ridge.


 Faux wood doors have become a popular choice for their ability to replicate the elegance of real wood without the constant upkeep.

If you are considering a garage door replacement or installation, options that not only elevate your home, but also simplify your life, are a must. Clopay Canyon Ridge doors, you can enjoy the wood looks without the hassle. So, why not make a statement with your garage door and make your home look like a whole new home? Invest in a beautiful, low-maintenance door that will stand the test of time and enhance your curb appeal.

Are you interested in upgrading your garage door to a Clopay Canyon Ridge or exploring other options? Contact Door to Door Design today to discuss your requirements and schedule your installation. Your home deserves the best, and we are here to make it happen.