Garage Door Install in Montclair, NJ

garage door install

Today we are in Montclair, New Jersey for a garage door install of a Clopay Canyon Ridge. These doors are a great option for a faux wood finish. They look just like real wood but the best part is you don’t have to maintain them like real wood. We doing a garage door install of a 16 x 7 double door and taking out an older wood door that is starting to get some moisture seeping into the wood. This is beginning to rot out the door. It is time for a replacement.

The installation was nice and clean for the most part. The framing was a little tight due to the opening being slightly undersized but was no problem making it work with standard track and a Liftmaster 8587 carriage house unit with an I-beam rail to handle this big monster coming in at approximately 460 pounds. When we were all done she rolled nice and smooth and balanced perfectly for such a big heavy door.

Due to supply chain issues, this one took a little while to come in. We ordered this back in the summer but it’s finally here ready to go in and I think she turned out pretty nice. Take a look at the video below to see our day!

Faux wood doors like this have become very popular. They are a great option because like I said before a true real wood door of this design and quality will require a fair amount of maintence to retain its beauty. A full wood carriage house door like this will need to be stripped and re-stained every 3-5 years to continue looking it’s very best.

These doors are made of a vinyl composite material that only requires the occasional clear coat of varnish to keep them from being sun-damaged. This door will receive very little daily sun so the homeowner will not need to worry about that very often.