Garage Door Opener Lightning Strike

Garage Door Opener Lightning Strike

Today in Sparta, New Jersey we are working with a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener completely dead after a garage door opener lightning strike. Usually, that’s a bad circuit board which is odd considering it did have a surge protector, but it seems like it’s still got it. So hopefully a new circuit board is going to fix that. 

The circuit board is on the back panel. Connectors are plug-and-play and pretty simple. You’ll see the gear set that commonly strip out on these machines. This one looks pretty good. I don’t see any signs of gear dust or anything like that. We are hoping the circuit board is all we need. 

The circuit board is the brain of the machine. You’ll find the wire for the antenna. It’s got the programing buttons as well as the cable connectors for the photo eyes and wall button.  

Once the board is installed we have the moment of truth to see if that was indeed the problem. The machine went right into program mode with the new Liftmaster circuit board installed. That is a good sign. The opener then went on to complete the programming sequence, SUCCESS! After putting the garage door opener back together we’ll reprogram the remotes and keypad to the new circuit board. Then we can look over the doors and give them a good service

That was a simple one in Sparta, New Jersey. These openers run on a low voltage and are very prone to power surges when there is lightning in the area. (It does not need to be a direct garage door opener lightning strike to the house.) Even with a surge protector this one still had an issue. The other two machines in the garage were just fine. Now the opener is back up and running and the customer is happy.