Garage Door Replacement NJ

garage door replacement nj

We did a garage door replacement in Montville, NJ today. This is a nice clean install. Our customer had a contractor re-frame the openings to accommodate a standard 7-foot tall garage door for the garage door replacement in NJ. The original openings were 6 foot 6 inches. When I got there, they had already taken out the openers. They had a chain and a belt drive opener originally. One door was partially stacked. Scott was getting ready to stack the second door.

We had found out that the builders had pulled the doors out in one piece, which is not ideal because they’re all lagged together as one piece making them challenging to dismantle on the ground. We don’t have a lot of headroom, but we have enough and that’s all that matters. We have enough room above the door to fit the torsion springs and the side-mounted openers. The side-mounted jackshaft opener is a great option to keep your ceiling clean and tidy compared to the traditional drawbar openers.

We also put wireless wall buttons next to the walk-in door to continue with the clean look eliminating the wires that would need to be run for the machine. The wired in-wall buttons were placed under the opener on the side by the door as an additional use point.

The doors we installed were Amarr Lincoln 3000’s a 2-inch door in a traditional raised long panel with Amarr’s Cascade Glass. The overall installation was smooth and didn’t give us much trouble. Once the builders finish the stonework around the outside of the doors this home will have a whole new look.