Garage Door Service in Randolph, NJ

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This was a quick garage door repair in Randolph New Jersey and a garage door service. The customer stated that the door was not closing. He attempted to align the photo eyes himself based on our recommendation when talking on the phone, but it was still giving him trouble.

When we got there we noticed immediately the photo-eye safety sensor was a little bit out of line and not lighting up properly as well and cobwebs had built up over the photo-eye lens. We adjusted and cleaned both photo eyes and then inspected the entire door. We gave it a full garage door service by lubricating all the moving parts including the garage door rollers, hinges, end bearings, and the torsion spring. We then moved on to visually inspecting the entire door including the cables and anything else that may need attention. This door appeared to be in great shape. We did notice the belt on the LiftMaster garage door opener was twisted so we adjusted that.

This garage door is an Amarr Stratford 3000 now discontinued and replaced with the Amarr Lincoln 3138. These are great doors that can last a lifetime when properly maintained. They are steel back insulated sandwich doors with a traditional short raised panel design, combined with a Liftmaster belt drive opener this door despite being 10 years old is still running fantastic.

Every time we come out for even the most basic or simple repair we always do a full door inspection to ensure we leave our customers in the best possible position going forward to have a reliable garage door.

Garage Door Repair and Service in Randolph, New Jersey

When it comes to garage door issues, even seemingly minor problems can be a significant inconvenience. Recently, we received a call from a customer in Randolph, New Jersey, who was experiencing trouble with their garage door. The customer explained that the door was not closing properly, and he had attempted to align the photo eyes himself, following our recommendation over the phone. However, his efforts didn’t resolve the issue. That’s when we decided to step in and provide a quick garage door repair and a comprehensive garage door service to ensure everything was in tip-top shape.

Identifying the Problem

Upon arriving at the customer’s location, our team of experienced technicians quickly assessed the situation. One of the first things we noticed was that the photo-eye safety sensor was slightly misaligned and not lighting up as it should. Additionally, cobwebs had accumulated over the photo eye lens, obstructing its functionality. We decided to start by cleaning and adjusting both photo eyes to address these issues. 

 A Thorough Garage Door Service

However, our commitment to our customers goes beyond just fixing the immediate problem. We believe in providing comprehensive garage door services to ensure the longevity and reliability of the entire system. Therefore, after addressing the photo-eye issue, we proceeded with a full garage door service.

Lubrication of Moving Parts

We began by thoroughly lubricating all the moving parts of the garage door, including the rollers, hinges, end bearings, and the torsion spring. Proper lubrication is essential to reduce friction, prevent wear and tear, and ensure smooth and quiet operation.

Visual Inspection

Next, we conducted a visual inspection of the entire garage door system. We carefully examined the cables and any other components that might require attention. Fortunately, the overall condition of the door appeared to be in excellent shape, but we always believe in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to our customer’s satisfaction.

Belt Adjustment

We inspected and there was a twisted belt on the LiftMaster garage door opener. This may give rise to additional issues going forward. Since we needed to resolve an issue quickly, we had to fix the belt right away to avoid it causing problems in the future.

An Amarr Stratford 3000 = A Sure Bet.

That garage door is an Amarr Stratford 3000, now discontinued and replaced by the Amarr Lincoln 3138 model. When taken good care of, these doors can withstand the test of time and can certainly last a lifetime. These are made with a 1-3/4″ thick steel back insulated sandwich construction with a classic short raised door panel design. When coupled with a belt drive opener from Liftmaster, this door — 10 years old now and counting — works beautifully.


For the garage door fix fast in Randolph, New Jersey the problem was solved immediately however, it required more than just that since there was a complete service on the garage door. It’s our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and guaranteeing the longevity of our customer’s garage doors that distinguishes us. No matter if you have a minor issue or need major garage door service we’ll do the job right! So if you live in Randolph, NJ, or closer to the area and require our Garage Door Services or Repairs don’t wait to call us! Customer satisfaction is our main goal, we’re here to help you maintain an efficient garage door for years to come!