Liftmaster Smart Garage Camera

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Today I’m looking at the new Smart Garage Camera from Liftmaster. We just got a few of these the other day and we started to play around with them. You can add the Smart Garage Camera to your existing Liftmaster myQ account. MyQ is the technology that allows you to operate your garage door with your smartphone through your home’s WIFI and other Smart Home Apps. The camera is magnetic so you can stick it to the bottom of an opener or anywhere else a magnet will stick as well as this bottom part will pop off and you can use two anchored screws to attach it anywhere else that you would like. So let’s start playing with it and see how it works. 

Setting up the camera is pretty simple. You do have a plug that does have to be plugged in. So wherever you put the camera it is going to have to be within the vicinity of an outlet. It’s just a mini USB cord, so you have some options when plugging it in. If you already have USB outlets in the area where you’re planning on putting it, or you can plug it into a regular 110 outlet.

Next, let’s see how to program it up. Plug it in and it’s going to start lighting up the blue blinking light means it is now ready to pair. In the app you’re going to go to the bottom right, and tap the little plus sign.  There’s only one camera option right now, so it makes it pretty easy. Just check that you had everything ready, your Wi-Fi password, that your Bluetooth is enabled and you’re ready. Tap next and let the MyQ app go to work. Next, you’re going to set your Wi-Fi router and enter your Wi-Fi password. It can take a few minutes for everything to pair up. Now give your camera a name and select a location where you plan on placing the camera. The green light means you are all set up and ready to go. The camera allows you to listen and talk back through the app as well as capture snapshots to your photos.

You get 30 days free of the video monitoring similar to your ring doorbell, then it is either $3 or $10 a month depending on how long you want to store your video clips. Currently, Liftmaster is offering 50% off the top plan with the code “50VIDEO” when you sign up for a full year. 

So there you have it. A little intro into the new Liftmaster Smart Garage Camera. I’m actually going to put mine near our front door because I do have a ring doorbell right next to the garage door currently. Liftmaster told us it’s not rated for outdoor use. They are coming out with a model that can be put outdoors. This will be under an overhang so it is a little protected. We’ll see how it does. Watch the video for the full setup.

Liftmaster Smart Garage Camera: A Closer Look

Today, we delve into the innovative world of home automation with the Liftmaster Smart Garage Camera. Fresh off the shelves, we recently got our hands on this nifty gadget, and the experience has been nothing short of fascinating. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything from setup to functionality, and even a special offer that might just sway your decision. So, let’s dive right in!

Introducing Liftmaster myQ

Before we get into the details of the Smart Garage Camera, it’s essential to understand the foundation on which it operates: Liftmaster myQ. This technology allows you to seamlessly control your garage door using your smartphone, all within the cozy embrace of your home’s Wi-Fi network and other Smart Home Apps. With this feature, you can open or close your garage door remotely, adding a layer of convenience and security to your daily life.

A Closer Look at the Litmaster Smart Garage Camera

The Liftmaster Smart Garage Camera is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It comes equipped with a magnetic base, making installation a breeze. You can easily attach it to the bottom of your garage door opener or any other magnetic surface. If that doesn’t suit your needs, the camera’s bottom can be removed, allowing you to secure it in place with two anchor screws, giving you the flexibility to place it wherever you desire.

Setting Up Your Smart Garage Camera

Setting up the Liftmaster Smart Garage Camera is a straightforward process. The camera requires a power source, which means it needs to be within the vicinity of an electrical outlet. Fortunately, it uses a standard mini USB cord, so you have options to plug it into either a USB outlet or a regular 110-volt outlet, whichever is more convenient for you.

After getting the camera plugged into power, it should turn on and flash blue light indicating it’s ready for pairing with your device. In the provided app you can nowadays find the “camera” function, and right now it’s the only way to set it up. Make sure you have your Wi-Fi password on hand, Bluetooth turned on, and then follow the instructions in the app for connecting the camera to your network. Within a minute or two, you’ll have correctly matched the camera, and everything is ready to go.

The Liftmaster Smart Garage Camera is not an idle spectator. This is a voice over internet protocol and lets you communicate 2 way via the App and be heard remotely. It also takes pics straight to your photos so you get a photographic view of what’s happening in nd roundabout your garage.

Outdoor Use and Future Prospects

Although the Liftmaster Smart Garage Camera is a great new addition to your home safety features, be aware that it’s not designed for use outside. Unfortunately, not every home is made for Liftmaster’s 3500 or upcoming outdoor-model; still, in the near future this might change as they announced at CES 2019. While you wait, put it under a cover to keep the rain off of it.

In summary, The Liftmaster Smart Garage Camera is an easy-to-use and practical addition to your smart home security and automation systems. We will be doing extensive testing on its performance and lifespan, do join us on the video for step-by-step installation details and continue to follow along for more cool updates as they come out in the world of Smart Home Technology. Home automation has arrived — and it’s making life more livable and more secure than ever.