Top 5 Budget Friendly Garage Doors

Woodgrain Garage Door

In this list, I thought I’d go over some of our budget friendly doors. Most of these doors are all entry level doors. They’re all going to be triple layer steel back doors. We typically don’t work with hollow doors or vinyl back garage doors. They are too flimsy and don’t save you that much money compared to the quality difference of a steel backed garage door.

1 General Advantage

My number one is the General Advantage. The General Advantage is a traditional raised panel garage door. It is your typical 4 squares across on a single door and is available with and without glass. It also comes in a flush design. My favorite part about this door is how well made it feels. The General Adavatage is made with 26 gauge steel over the 27 gauge you get from most of its competitors and comes standard with 10 ball nylon rollers and 14 gauge hardware. The biggest drawback to this door is there are not a lot of options. It only comes in 4 colors and they do not offer it in a long panel. If this door fits your needs it is a serious contender.

traditonal garage door
White General Advantage with Colonial Glass

2 Amarr Hillcrest

The Amarr Hillcrest is an entry level carriage house garage door. This is a 4 section (or 5 section on an 8’ tall) carriage house door. Carriage house doors are usually made to look like a pair of the old style swing out doors you would see on a barn or carriage house. They are paired with decorative handles and strap hinges. 

The door comes in 3 distinct panel designs, Bead Board, Long Panel Bead Board and a Recessed panel design that is a shaker style look. This door will give your home the appeal of a carriage house door, but not be as pricy as a 3 section or overlay style carriage house garage door.

carriage house style garage door
Amarr Hillcrest Short Bead Baord with Stockton Glass and Blue Ridge Hardware

3 Amarr Heritage

  The Heritage line from Amarr is another great affordable option. This door is a 2 inch thick door providing you with a better R-value vs the 1 ⅜” standard door for better insulation. It also boasts a thicker front skin. This garage door uses a 24 gauge front skin instead of the standard 27 giving it more strength and durability from things like basketballs and soccer balls. The Amarr Heritage offers a lifetime warranty on parts. It comes in all the traditional panel designs as well as the 4 section carriage house designs. With these doors coming in at a little bit more than their standard door counterparts it is a no brainer if your garage can accept a 2 inch thick door.

Woodgrain Garage Door
16 x 7 Amarr Long Panel Design, Sunray Glass in Walnut

4. Clopay Modern Steel

The Clopay Modern Steel garage door is actually a line of garage doors. It consists of modern flush garage doors. They come in a standard flush door and a ribbed look. There are several different thicknesses and insulation types that allow this door to offer an R-value anywhere from 6.5 to 18.4. The cool thing that sets this line apart from other manufacturers is this door has a large selection of window options. This door can be made with the glass going down the side instead of across the top for a uniquely modern look. There are also options for slim windows and several glass options making the possibilities endless. These doors offer an upscale look that won’t break the bank.

modern flush garage door
Clopay Modern Steel in Black with Slim Windows

5. CHI Planks

Similar to the Clopay Modern Steel, the CHI Planks garage door line is a ribbed flush door but it uses CHI’s Accent Wood tones to give an upscale modern look at an affordable price. CHI actually has a process where the color and wood grain are digitally printed on the door making a uniquely realistic for a faux wood finish. Available with several different window and glass options you can create a modern look that is one of a kind. Similar looking doors with actual composite or wood overlays are at least twice as much if not more than the CHI Planks. If this is the look you are going for this door is a no brainer.  

modern garage door
CHI Planks Dark Oak Modern Wood Garage Door with Windows Down One Side

In conclusion, if you are looking for a new garage door and looking for some budget friendly options then these are the 5 doors I would recommend you start looking at. Whether you are looking for a traditional door like the General Advantage or the Amarr Heritage, or a carriage house garage door like the Amarr Hillcrest, and if you want that modern aesthetic offered by the Clopay Modern Steel or CHI Planks you can’t go wrong. Enjoy increased curb appeal and a happier wallet.