Garage Door Not Opening All The Way in Randolph, NJ

garage door not opeing all the way

We are in Randolph New Jersey today checking out a garage door not opening all the way. The customer described it as stopping intermittently on the way up. We got there and thought it needed some simple service. The garage door was very noisy and needed oil and possibly a force adjustment to the garage door opener to get it to pull up a little bit harder. 

garage door not opening all the way

As soon as we started looking at things, the door caught on the pulley, and the reason for the garage door not opening all the way. Next, there was a box sitting above it with metal straps coming out of the ceiling trying to get caught in our garage’s top before opening all of the way; this shouldn’t have been put there. We made adjustments and told them they should remove that pesky box altogether- after assessing what might work best.

garage door not opening all the way

With the pulley issue, we pushed the track out a little bit to give it more clearance on the corner. We also adjusted the spring tension to get the door to go up and down straighter. 

The door was installed a little out of level to deal with the floor being uneven, but this can cause problems when opening and closing. We always recommend installing doors perfectly aligned so they roll easily without having any extra stress on their hinges or mechanisms! 

Once we got everything addressed and the door rolling properly again we gave everything a good oil to quiet it down and the door rolled great.