Popular Garage Door Trends So Far in 2023

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Popular Garage Door Trends cover a range of subjects, including new technologies, design trends, and maintenance tips. Here are some popular topics that have been making waves in the world of garage doors:

  • Smart garage door openers: With the rise of smart home technology, garage door openers with Wi-Fi integration and smartphone compatibility are gaining popularity. These openers allow homeowners to control and monitor their garage doors remotely, enhancing convenience and security. Many now include a camera for monitoring who is coming in and out of your garage.
garage door opener with camera
See who is coming in and out of your garage anywhere in the world.
  • Energy-efficient garage doors: As more people become environmentally conscious, there is increasing interest in energy-efficient garage doors. These doors often feature improved insulation and weatherstripping, helping to reduce energy costs by maintaining consistent temperatures in the garage. The industry standard is currently a garage door’s R-value for determining how well insulated it is.

  • Contemporary garage door designs: Homeowners are gravitating towards modern and minimalist garage door designs that complement their homes’ overall aesthetic. Popular styles include flush panel doors, full-view glass doors, and doors made of unconventional materials like aluminum or composite materials.
CHI sterling
Smooth Matte Black Finish with Frameless Tinted Infinity Glass in the Third Section
  • DIY garage door maintenance: With the rise of DIY culture, many homeowners are looking for tips and tricks to maintain their garage doors themselves. Topics like lubricating moving parts, tightening loose hardware, and aligning tracks and sensors are frequently discussed. Taking time once or twice a year to lubricate and visually inspect the condition of the garage door may help you see a problem that can be prevented. Like frayed cables stretched-out/broken springs or damaged hinges and rollers.

  • Conversion of garage spaces: As living spaces become more versatile, homeowners are looking for ways to convert their garages into functional areas like home gyms, offices, or even additional living quarters. This trend has led to discussions on garage door insulation, ventilation, and lighting solutions.
garage door trends 2022
Using Full View Glass Doors to Bring the Outside In
  • Garage door security: Securing one’s garage is essential to protecting belongings and preventing unauthorized access to the home. Trending topics in garage door security include keyless entry systems, security cameras, and alarm systems.

By staying informed about these trending garage door topics, homeowners can make better decisions regarding the design, function, and maintenance of their garage doors. Keeping up with the latest trends also ensures that your garage door remains efficient, safe, and visually appealing.